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The Seattle Tree Service Process with Blooma Tree Experts 

Greetings, residents of the Greater Seattle Area and fellow tree enthusiasts! 

At Blooma Tree Experts, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch tree services tailored to your needs. Allow us to walk you through our thorough and professional process, ensuring your trees receive the best care possible. We want to provide BOTH great tree care AND great customer service.

Off the bat, you can be rest assured that everyone you meet at Blooma will be respectful and passionate about their jobs. We are a small but mighty team, and we select for people who view tree work as a career, not just a gig. We encourage every member of our team to become ISA-Certified Arborists, not just client-facing staff members. We want tree expertise to be living & breathing across our entire team.

So as you read about our tree work process below, please just keep in mind that you are working with qualified professionals , people who understand the Pacific Northwest's unique weather & landscape challenges.

Step 1: Inquiry - Contacting Us is a Breeze

Commencing the journey to healthier, more beautiful trees is as easy as reaching out. You have several options at your disposal: give us a call, send us an email, shoot a text, or conveniently fill out a form on our website. We're here to answer your tree-related queries and concerns promptly.

It's okay if you don't know exactly what you need – our ISA-Certified Arborist will partner with you to provide recommendations & suggestions to meet any budget. Please be advised though that the lowest cost work we do is ~$400+tax (we like to be transparent to avoid any surprises!). 

Step 2: Schedule a Complimentary Tree Consultation

Your tree issues are our priority, and we aim to address them swiftly. Expect to hear from us by email/call within 24-48 hours to schedule a complimentary estimate meeting with one of our ISA-Certified Arborists. We can usually get that on the books within a week or so depending on how busy your schedule is.

We like to highlight here that our arborists do NOT work on commission or sales quota. They are not out to get any job they can. If they don't think work is necessary, they'll tell you. They're not going to scare you into a tree removal when a tree is perfectly healthy. Their job is to be your trusted arborist advisor.

To that end, for pruning estimates, we ask that you be on-site to meet with the arborist in-person. That's how we can ensure a comprehensive evaluation – it's important to discuss your objectives with the arborist to make sure we meet your expectations. However, for tree removal estimates, we only require a clear description, photos, and the tree's location on your property – no need to be there in person.

Step 3: Receive Estimate - Detailed and Transparent

We value transparency, and that's why our estimates are provided in writing shortly after the consultation. For more intricate projects, we'll send you a detailed email estimate within 24-48 hours. Our goal is to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Each item, whether its tree pruning, tree removal, tree healthcare, tree cabling, tree planting or more, will be clearly listed out. We will be as specific as we can be to avoid ambiguity or confusion.

Once you receive the proposal, please read it carefully. What's written down is exactly what our crew will do! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to text/email/call us to clarify. If you want us to add some work, adjust some work, whatever it is – we can handle it for you.

Step 4: Accept Estimate - Seal the Deal

When you're ready to move forward, you can accept the estimate directly through our easy-to-use online portal. When you do that, you'll have the ability to select or de-select any optional work that we proposed for you. 

You can also submit your non-refundable deposit payment online, which covers 15% of the total cost. Payment options include credit card (with a 3% processing fee), bank transfer (no fee), or mailing a check to our PO Box. We want this step to be as easy as possible for you!

Step 5: Schedule Work - Timing that Works for You

Once we receive your deposit, our scheduling team will reach out to coordinate a date for your tree service. While our calendar is often booked 5-6 weeks in advance, we are committed to accommodating your needs. If you require a more expedited service, we'll do our best to adjust our schedule accordingly.

Further, if we have other clients that need to reschedule their work, we maintain a list of upcoming clients who want their work done urgently - we call that list next to fill in open slots in our calendar!

Step 6: Week Before Your Job - Preparing for Success

A week prior to your scheduled service, our team will send a reminder email. We'll also confirm any specific details, such as additional work requests and parking arrangements. Our aim is to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for you.

We'll send another reminder text & email the day prior to the work.

Step 7: The Day of Your Tree Work Job - Professional Execution

Rest assured, you don't need to be present during the service. Our highly trained crews meticulously follow the contract specifications. After the job is completed, our crew leaders will gladly walk you through the work performed to ensure your satisfaction.

If you get home and something doesn't seem right, just shoot us a text / email with some photos. We'll touch base with our arborist crew leader and figure out a resolution ASAP! We stand behind our work and will ensure we do exactly what we said we would do.

By the way – we take a ton of pride in our clean-up. If you read our Google Reviews, you'll see many mention clean-up. 

Step 8: Stump Grinding and Wood Hauling - The Final Touch

For those who have opted for stump grinding after a tree removal, this will be scheduled for the following week on a Friday (as communicated during the initial scheduling). Any substantial wood debris will be neatly stacked in front of your property and promptly removed, typically within 2-3 business days.

Step 9: Invoicing - Easy and Convenient

Finally, we'll send you an invoice via email, deducting your initial deposit. Payment can be conveniently made online, mirroring the ease of our initial deposit process. We're dedicated to simplifying your tree service experience from start to finish.

In closing, Blooma Tree Experts is your trusted partner in the Greater Seattle Area for tree care, offering services including tree pruning, tree removal, tree healthcare, hedge trimming, and more. Contact us today to embark on a journey to healthier, happier trees!

Step 10: Enjoy Your Landscape for Years to Come!

Transforming your home landscape with the help of a professional tree care service like Blooma Tree Experts can be a rewarding experience that extends far beyond the initial pruning and maintenance. Once your trees and shrubs have been expertly cared for, especially over the years as they grow back vigorously, you'll find countless ways to enjoy their beauty right from the comfort of your home.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Blooma Tree Experts' skilled care ensures that your trees and shrubs maintain their health and vitality. Well-pruned trees and manicured shrubs create an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for your home, boosting its curb appeal.

Year-round Beauty: With the right care, your trees and shrubs can exhibit seasonal transformations that keep your landscape engaging throughout the year. From the lush greenery of spring and summer to the vibrant foliage of autumn and the graceful silhouettes of winter, there's always something beautiful to behold.

Outdoor Living: Even in our rainy climate, a healthy landscape makes your outdoor spaces more enjoyable. Relax on your patio or deck, host gatherings with friends, or simply sip a morning coffee while taking in the serene beauty of your well-tended trees and shrubs. Heck, you don't even have to go outside. Just sit by your kitchen window and take it all in.

Peace of Mind: Regular tree care services from Blooma Tree Experts ensure that your landscape remains in optimal condition. Safety risks are managed and you can take on the stormy seasons we have here in Seattle with minimal worries. Knowing your trees and shrubs are healthy and well-maintained provides peace of mind and lets you continue enjoying their beauty for years to come.

Meditative Retreat: Your landscaped area can become a serene retreat for meditation, yoga, or simply a quiet place to unwind. The soothing presence of well-groomed greenery can enhance your mental well-being.

In conclusion, Blooma Tree Experts' expert tree care services not only contribute to the health and longevity of your trees and shrubs but also enhance your home landscape's visual appeal and functionality. 

By investing in professional tree care, you can create a tranquil and beautiful environment that you'll delight in admiring and experiencing from the comfort of your home for years to come.

Ready to Get Started? Contact us using our contact form or give us a call/text at (206) 735-4081.

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