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Welcome to Blooma Tree Experts - Bellevue Tree & Landscaping Services

At Blooma Tree Experts, we provide industry-leading tree & landscaping services in Bellevue and the greater Seattle area. Our dedicated team of professional tree workers & ISA-Certified Arborists is committed to transforming your outdoor area into a breathtaking space that enhances your property's aesthetic appeal and value.

Our Tree & Landscaping Services

We offer a comprehensive range of landscaping services tailored to meet your specific needs and budget. Our Bellevue tree & landscaping services include:

  • Tree Pruning: From an early age, we can maintain & manage your trees to turn into beautiful works of art as they mature. For your mature trees, we can use expert, selective pruning techniques to allow them to grow healthily while mitigating risk of tree failure, falling hazards, and more. 
  • Shrub Pruning: We can handle your shrubs with careful fine pruning using hand pruners and more targeted cuts on the interior of your shrubs to ensure long-term healthy growth & shaping.
  • Tree Removals: When trees eventually need to go either due to building issues or health issues, our team of arborists can expertly & efficiently remove the tree. We are used to working in tight quarters and rigging down branches to avoid creating any property damage. 
  • Stump Grinding: Get rid of unsightly stumps and create a perfect space to plant a new tree. Our stump grinding service grinds the stump into mulch right on the spot, where it's all ready to go for a new tree, which we can also plant for you!

Expert Tree Care Tips

At Blooma Tree Experts, we are passionate about helping our customers care for their trees and landscaping. Here are some expert tips to keep your trees healthy and beautiful:

  • Regularly water your trees, especially during dry periods
  • Prune dead or damaged branches to promote healthy growth
  • Apply mulch around the base of your trees to retain moisture and suppress weeds
  • Keep an eye out for signs of disease or pest infestations and address them promptly
  • Consult with a professional arborist for regular tree inspections and maintenance

By following these tips, you can ensure the long-term health and beauty of your trees and landscaping. If you have any questions or need assistance with tree care, feel free to contact our team of experts at Blooma Tree Experts.

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About Blooma Tree Experts

We are proud of more than two decades in the field serving clients across Seattle with unmatched dedication and expertise. As tree experts who understand the unique climate conditions of the Pacific Northwest, we know exactly what it takes to ensure that your outdoor space thrives beautifully regardless of season. Learn more about us here!

Blooma Tree Experts, where excellence in tree work meets customer satisfaction!

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Why Choose Blooma Tree Experts?

  • Holistic Tree Care

    Many tree service companies will try to solve the issue with a one-time tree removal project and call the job done. We, at Blooma Tree Experts, take pride in providing the best approach for our customers and their trees. If tree risk can be managed through expert pruning, we'll tell you. We're not here to convince you to remove trees with scare tactics.

  • ISA-Certified Arborists

    Our initial visit to your home will always be an ISA-Certified Arborists who comes and provides a complimentary consultations. We don't put our arborists on sales quotes or pay them by commission. They recommend what is best for the care of the trees.

  • Respect for Your Space
    We take pride in our business and vow to always leave the job site cleaner than when we arrived and our crews are on-time, presentable & friendly.
  • Full Crews

    To ensure for the quickest and most efficient turnaround times, we manage crews of 3-5 tree workers at a time. This allows for the team to get in and out of your property while tackling clean-up all along the way.


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