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Stump Grinding in Seattle

Prepare for New Landscaping Possibilities in the Greater Seattle Area

Did you remove an old tree and now want to replace it with new landscaping that matches your improved outdoor space? Trust Blooma Tree Experts to remove that unsightly stump so you can create the backyard of your dreams by creating even more space for beautiful plants. We have 17 years of experience serving thousands of customers as a one-stop shop for holistic tree services. When you need expert stump grinding in Seattle, there is no one else to trust but our licensed professionals. We are proud members of the ISA & TCIA.

Call us today at (206) 735-4081 or contact us online for a consultation with our ISA-certified arborist and begin freeing your backyard from unappealing stumps!

How It Works

Our stump grinding specialist will drive our stump grinder up to the stump & grind it down into place, leaving the mulching on the spot, perfect to support a new tree or plant. We will grind up the whole stump and then go 6-12” below grade to grind the rootball as well.

Get A Quote

We can send you a free estimate by text or email! Just send us a text or email with pictures of the stumps and the following information: number of stumps, approx. diameter of each stump, species (if you know it), location in your yard, and confirmation that there is flat access & 36” of width clearance to the stump for our stump grinder to get to the stump.

Why Is Stump Grinding Important?

Stump grinding keeps your yard tidy by removing tree stumps without digging them out. Improving the aesthetic of your yard is an excellent reason for this service, but below are more reasons stump grinding is essential:

  • Insects love stumps: Termites, carpenter ants, and wood bees all love to live in your tree stumps, but they don’t stay there long. A rotting stump is a great way to attract insects before they move to healthy trees and your home.
  • Trees can grow back: Trees are resilient and leaving the stump behind does not guarantee that it won’t grow back. Stump grinding is critical to thoroughly prevent the tree from reappearing.
  • It’s in the way: Avoiding a stump with your lawn mower or a bare foot can be difficult. Getting rid of these obnoxious stumps is as easy as reaching out to our team for expert stump grinding in Seattle.
  • Regain the space: You may have plans for your landscaping that don’t include working around an unsightly stump. Let our team help by grinding it up and out of your way.

Make your landscaping beautiful by removing an unattractive, inconvenient, insect-attracting stump from your yard. Trust the professionals at Blooma Tree Experts with 17 years of experience.

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Is Stump Grinding or Removal Better?

It may seem like stump grinding and removal are the same, but some apparent differences can help you decide if stump grinding will work for you. 

Stump grinding pros include:

  • Cheaper
  • Faster removal
  • No gaping-hole leftover
  • Eco-friendly
  • Can be reused for mulch

Stump grinding provides a faster removal that’s not labor intensive and allows you to reuse the material as mulch. This is a significantly more cost-effective solution than removal while being eco-friendly. However, it does leave the roots to decay and can cause the tree to eventually resprout.

Stump removal advantages include:

  • Complete elimination of stump and roots
  • Replanting is easy
  • Prevent decay or resprouting

Stump removal is more costly than grinding, is labor intensive, and often leaves a gaping hole in your hard where the stump and its roots used to be. This solution does prevent root decay and resprouting that you might experience with stump grinding. However, removal can make replanting easier if you're planning to use this space later for landscaping.

Blooma Tree Experts offers the highest quality stump grinding in Seattle so your backyard can thrive without an unattractive stump getting in the way. Our licensed and experienced professionals are here to help.

Don’t wait until insects to appear before removing your stump! Call (206) 735-4081 when you are ready to schedule a free quote.

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