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No matter the size or location of your hedge, our team can cut it with pole saws, trimmers, and hand clippers. If you’re not aiming for a jungle aesthetic, don’t let overgrown hedges make your backyard look disheveled and unruly. Instead, trust Blooma Tree Experts for high-quality hedge trimming in Seattle. We have 17 years of experience and have helped over 6,000 happy homeowners. Count on our licensed professionals when your landscaping needs improvement. 

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How Our Hedge Trimming Process Works

In our first estimate meeting, our arborist will discuss the height you want the hedge to be at, as well as each side. The first time we work on your hedge we will set that height using chainsaws. After that, we can come back every 6-18 months to maintain that height at a lower cost (as we’ve already completed the initial height setting in the first visit, so now just need to use hedge trimmers to maintain the growth).

Please be aware – that first visit to “set the new line” may be pretty harsh and unsightly for a while until the hedge starts to grow back in. We can also manage the hedge to a lower height over multiple years if you want to maintain greenery throughout that time period – just speak with our arborist and they can create a game plan that meets your objectives.

By the way – no hedge is too tall or complicated for us. If we are able to access the hedge from the road, we can set up our bucket truck (cherry picker truck) for ease of use, which makes the whole project quicker & cheaper for you. If we can't, our experienced tree climbers will climb up each individual hedge tree and carefully move from tree to tree as they trim.

Don’t delay! Blooma Tree Experts is here to help. Call (206) 735-4081 when you are ready to schedule a free consultation with our ISA-certified arborists.


Benefits of Hedge Trimming

We want your landscaping to thrive with beautiful and healthy plants. Proper maintenance is essential for an aesthetic outdoor space.

Benefits of hedge trimming include:

  • Improved landscape design: Hedges can act as a natural and eco-friendly fencing option to provide privacy from nosy neighbors. Feel safe and comfortable with these beautiful, green fences.
  • Promotes safety: Storms and strong winds can remove branches or leaves that can damage your home. Managing the height of your hedge can leave it strong against stormy weather.
  • Stimulates growth: Just like with tree pruning, hedge trimming removes brown or dead areas of your hedge to encourage growth. Let Blooma Tree Experts help you create a beautiful and healthy yard with our quality hedge trimming.
  • Prevents bugs and disease: Regular trimming automatically improves health by removing diseased or damaged plant parts. This reduces pest infestation and lowers the spread of infection so your hedge can thrive.

Hedges are a great way to create privacy with an eco-friendly and beautiful design. Let our professionals help with experienced and licensed team members.

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When Is the Best Time to Trim Hedges?

Our ISA-Certified Arborist can help you decide when it is best to trim your hedges based on the season and the type of hedge you have. Our experts can let you know if it needs light, moderate, or regular pruning and how often it should be scheduled. Generally speaking though, trees that are commonly used for hedges are quite resilient, which is why they're used for hedges in the first place.

Hedge types like the Yew Hedge, Holly, and Arrowwood Viburnum, need light pruning once a year or less. American Arborvitae, Schip Laural, and Green Mountain Boxwood are the few types that require moderate pruning annually or biannually. Green Giant Arborvitae, Prunus Laurocerasus, and Flame Amur Maple are the only types of hedges that need regular pruning twice a year. This is not a comprehensive list, so don’t hesitate to ask our experts about your specific hedge type or if you don’t know what kind of hedge you have.

Our expert hedge trimming practice in Seattle encourages your hedges’ growth, health, and beauty. Don’t let unruly hedges ruin the aesthetic of the rest of your landscaping when our licensed and experienced team is here for you. Our holistic tree services help your backyard thrive because of our high-quality services. We have over 6,000 happy homeowners that have trusted us when they need tree care solutions.

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