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Seattle Crown Reduction

Topping a tree is bad! Topping creates many problems, including: multiple tops, tree stress, watersprouts, and an opening for parasites and fungus. All responsible tree specialists, such as the Blooma Tree Experts, avoid topping trees.

What is Crown Reduction and Why It Matters

The responsible way to reduce a tree's height is called crown reduction.

An example of Crown Reduction: The trees' limbs and branches were reduced properly, thus creating this view while maintaining their health.

Expert Tree Pruning for Health and Aesthetics

Here, we prune the tree knowledgeably and safely, eliminating some branches and shortening others by cutting back to a lateral. This pruning creates a natural appearance, retains a tree's structure, prevents parasitic and fungal attack, and minimizes tree stress. Trust us to responsibly balance both your needs and the tree's needs to create a beautiful symbiotic balance.

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Enhance Your Trees' Health and Appearance with Crown Reduction

When it comes to maintaining the health and appearance of your trees, crown reduction is a key practice to consider. Crown reduction involves selectively removing specific branches to reduce the overall size and density of the tree's canopy. This technique not only improves the tree's aesthetic appeal but also promotes healthy growth and reduces the risk of storm damage.

Key Benefits of Professional Crown Reduction

Benefits of crown reduction include:

  • Improved tree structure and stability
  • Enhanced sunlight penetration and air circulation
  • Reduced risk of branch failure
  • Prevention of disease and pest infestation
  • Preservation of the tree's natural form

Choose Blooma Tree Experts for Your Tree Care Needs

Our team of certified arborists at Blooma Tree Experts are experienced in performing crown reduction with precision and care, ensuring the long-term health and beauty of your trees. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how crown reduction can benefit your property.

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