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When Is The Best Time To Trim Trees?

Trimming Trees Next to Apartment Building

Seattle Tree Trimming - When is the best time of year?

In our evergreen city of Seattle, we care deeply about protecting our trees and optimizing tree care to ensure their long-term health & vigor.

Given that, it's important to understand the optimal timing for Seattle tree trimming. The good news is that in Seattle's mild climate, we're generally okay to trim & prune trees year-round. That said, our ISA-Certified Arborists will adjust their practices moderately based on time of year and weather, or we may suggest moving your job dates around based on your type of tree & objectives.

Understanding Tree Dormancy and Active Growth

The lifecycle of a tree is marked by periods of active growth and dormancy. Tree trimming practices are best aligned with these cycles to ensure the health and vigor of the trees:

  • Winter (Dormancy): The dormant months, typically from late November through February, are often considered the ideal time for pruning mature trees. During this period, trees are in a state of rest, and without leaves, it's easier to assess the structure and identify which branches need removal. Winter pruning minimizes stress on the trees and allows for robust growth in the spring.

  • Early Fall (Pre-Storm Season): While year-round trimming is possible in Seattle's mild climate, there's a strategic advantage to conducting safety checks and emergency pruning in early fall. Our ISA-Certified Arborists can look for overextended branches and complete tip reductions to relieve excess weight. This helps prepare your trees for the upcoming storm season, reducing the risk of damage from high winds, rain, and potential snow.

  • Spring & Summer (Active Growth): While tree trimming Seattle trees can be completed during active growth, our team will be extra careful to ensure we're not stunting growth or removing excess foliage the tree needs to grow. If Seattle is experiencing a heat spell or dry stretch, it's important to water your trees well during these seasons both before & after trimming to support them.

  • Emergency & Safety Trimming: Regardless of season, safety tree trimming is a priority. Dead, diseased or dangerous limbs, particularly branches already disconnected and hanging (called "hangers" or "widow makers") need to be addressed immediately to protect property & personal safety.

If you're unsure of the right time to trim your trees, just set up a consultation with our ISA-Certified Arborists -- they will guide you to the right timeframe and we will schedule your work accordingly.

Benefits of Timing Tree Trimming

While many of our clients time their tree trimming based on when they want to enjoy their trees (i.e. trim them in the Spring so they can enjoy the tree shapes all Summer), the benefits of timing your trimming to the tree life cycle are apparent:

  • Disease Prevention: Trimming during the dormant season helps prevent spread of diseases, as many pathogens are less active in cold weather.
  • Improved Healing: Trees heal from pruning & trimming cuts more effectively when done in the dormant season. They also have access to far more water than in the Summer.


Professional Guidance for Optimal Results

While homeowners may be tempted to undertake tree trimming themselves, the importance of professional expertise cannot be overstated. ISA-Certified Arborists possess the knowledge to identify the best times for trimming specific tree species, considering their growth patterns and the local climate.

Furthermore, professionals are equipped to safely perform trimming tasks, ensuring that trees are not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound and healthy.


In Seattle, where our trees are a hallmark of the city's charm, tree trimming is an essential aspect of landscape maintenance.

By aligning tree care activities with the optimal times of year, homeowners can contribute to the health of their trees, enhance the safety of their properties, and uphold the aesthetic integrity of their community.

Whether preparing for the storm season or ensuring the longevity of mature trees, the guidance of professional tree service providers is invaluable in navigating the complexities of tree trimming. Contact the Blooma team today to set up your complimentary consultation!

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