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The Blooma Tree Care Program

Blooma Tree Experts has helped over 6,000 customers have beautiful & healthy trees. The Blooma Tree Care Program is the latest evolution in supporting your landscape & tree health. Our certified arborists can draw up a year-round soil nourishment plan for your precious trees & shrubs, along with diagnosing & treating specific health or pest issues. The first step is to schedule a FREE, no-obligation Arborist Check-Up meeting.

Whether you want to act preventatively or care for your trees and shrubs currently stressed, diseased, or dying, schedule your free Arborist Check-Up by calling us at (206) 735-4081or filling out our online contact form

The Blooma Tree Care Program

A robust soil nourishment program combined with proper watering practices is the best method for preventative and long-term care of your trees and shrubs. Building upon that baseline with an Integrated Pest Management strategy will help mitigate disease and insect issues as well. 

Your Blooma Tree Care Program services may include:

  • A FREE Arborist Check-Up to assess your key trees & shrubs
  • Soil drenches to provide nutrients and improve nutrient availability
  • Applications of sprays (organic & ORMI-listed options available!) to mitigate pests/disease issues
  • Microinjections of targeted pesticides if needed
  • Selective pruning to improve light penetration and airflow, and to remove diseased sections

The Blooma Tree Care Program promotes the health of your trees & shrubs, by improving vigor and natural growth, but also by increasing resiliency to environmental extremes and stress, ability to repair and rebound, and capacity to defend against infection or infestation. Additionally, Our ISA-Certified Arborists can give you insight into proper watering practices and other cultural practices that are important for the success of every plant. 

Our team includes ISA-certified arborists, WSDA-licensed pesticide applicators, and a deep bank of expertise to ensure you’re getting the best in tree & plant healthcare. Contact Blooma Tree Experts or call us at (206) 735-4081 today to set up your free Arborist Check-Up meeting.

Ready to Get Started? Contact us using our contact form or give us a call/text at (206) 735-4081.

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