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Company Safety Training for Tree Service

Team Huddled Up Around Phil

Completing Seattle tree pruning safely requires a constant focus on training and improving safety standards.

For two days earlier this summer, the teams from Blooma Tree Experts and Out on a Limb Tree Co worked together to hone existing safety protocols and learn and develop new skills.

We brought in internationally-recognized safety trainer Phil Kelley of Rowen Tree Training lead the two day workshop.

The day started with gear inspection. Climbing Arborists utilize a lot of gear. Their gear sees heavy use every working day. Weather, tree sap, metal fatigue and damage are all concerns.

Climbing saddles, carabiners and ropes are life support systems and are crucial tools of this skilled trade. It is typical a lot of rope is taken out of service.

For safety reasons, all the rope in this pile was decommissioned. Pile of rigging and climbing ropes that were decommissioned

Phil Kelley worked with the crew to update and train new crew on our safety protocol for setting a line in a tree and planning for a safe ascent. The crew was trained on the use of a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) report. This is an in-depth checklist which our crew completes at the start of every job. The JSA is
a safety focused document, to ensure safety: for our climbers, for the trees and for our client’s property.

Training Day included a review of how climbers and ground crew communicate safely and clearly with each other during tree work operations. We completed a review of the safe use and safety features of chainsaws, one of our crucial tree pruning tools.

Half the day was dedicated to a review and training on Aerial Rescue techniques, protocols and strategies. Every climber must have someone on the ground who can ascend the tree and assist in a rescue situation. In the picture below, you can see Andrew being a good sport pretending to be injured.

Andrew pretending to being injured and needing aerial rescue

Kaustubh Deo, owner of Blooma Tree Experts and Out on a Limb is focused on continuing to build on the existing safety culture. Kaustubh ("KD") is proud to support the crew to access this high level training, and also to build connections and continue with personal growth.

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